Jetairfly Complaints Process

Most airlines have a method with which they deal with passenger or customer complaints. Some operate a dedicated phone service along with an online enquiry form. Others may just have an email contact. These services may allow you to register a concern or make a claim for lost luggage.

Some airlines have strict standards that they must comply with depending on local laws and their own timetables.

Have you needed to make a complaint to Jetairfly?

Has your complaint been resolved to your satisfaction?

How long did it take Jetairfly to return your call or email?

Any other issues or problems with Jetairfly complaints process?

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  1. Staff of Jetairfly at Zaventem, Brussels not well informed about Visa restrictions of non-Belgian passengers.

    Flight denied due to stubbern behaviour.

    All details decribed on (Dutch)

    1. I travelled in November from Liege to Tel Aviv with a 5page eticket contract.

      I was only allowed to fly with my ticket by buying a return ticket to Liege which I did not want/use
      ie I had to invest 120euro for a piece of paper showing I had a return ticket

      My complaint through complaint process has still not been attended to. I was told there is average 10weeks to reply but we are now more than double that despite my reminders

      I have British Passport and enter with 3month tourist visa.
      Israel Consulate say that there are no rules imposed other than need for passport valid for at least 6 months