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  1. AnonymousJuly 08, 2014

    This airline has absolutely no RESPECT towards its clients, I dare say they practice very questionable tactics to attract clients , as follows; you search to fly say 6 months from now, (like happened to my family), you find several flights depart on the same day and you choose the one that can work out for you, given your particular circumstances. We chose a flight in the afternoon as we are not nearby the airport and also for coming back we chose the afternoon. 13 DAYS only before departure we get an email informing us of changes to the flight's times, we are due to leave very early in the morning, which destroys any chance of sleep for that night and same for coming back. It will not help taking hotel room in the airport as you need to get ready during the night time for the flight. PAY ATTENTION: all those various flights that appeared as real when we booked our tickets ARE NOT THERE just 13 days before departure, MEANING they never really existed apparently. It is easy to detect their cheating tactics, you only need to scroll several weeks out , you see many flights in one day, come back to dates inside the 14 days window from current date and those flights are NOT THERE.We also have our car booking thrown into a mess and we must pay surcharges for picking and bringing back the car outside office hours.
    I will never ever fly with them again in my life.

  2. Worst airline in the World: Jetairfly does NOT allow customers to accept or cancel a flight when the time schedule is changed. I have booked a direct flight from Charleroi to Palma de Mallorca and my time schedule has been changed into a time when I can’t flight. Additionally, now is no longer a direct flight, it’s a connecting flight via Alicante which will triple the time of my journey. Call center explained that either I fly with the new conditions or lose my money. This kind of treatment to customers should not be accepted in the European Union. Please share with your friends to make other Jetairfly customers aware.